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Projects, Designs & Campaigns

Gameroom Concepts | Holland, Michigan Implemented Local SEO strategies to get Gameroom Concepts to rank higher on local searches. Over 300% increase in Facebook engagements, page likes and activity in under 30 days. Overall traffic, searches, and inquiries increased over 20% Google Ad campaign

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Napoleon Cafe – Jackson, Michigan Aggressive Facebook campaigning and site social media marketing strategies with promotions, promotional materials, and business/marketing strategy development and deployment. Doubled Facebook activity consistently from month to month. 25% increase in Facebook fan base in 3 months. Increased pie sales bay over 30% in 3 months! New menu design & pricing >>..

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No One Lives Alone – Created a modern web design for local non-profit to encourage solutions for the Holland and Grand Haven communities.

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Macatawa Resource Center Used local and regular SEO strategies to fill multiple vacancies at Macatawa Resource Center. Modified business strategies to ensure a more stable business and renting model. Marketing strategies to leverage better leasing opportunities. Malware removal and website security. Modest but effective web redesign.

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1 Adventure Company SEO & Local SEO strategies were implemented to increase ranking for over 10 keywords to the top 3 within 60 days. Incorporated methods to rank on new search terms in 3 other categories to prepare for a significant increase in traffic for 2020. New ad campaigns that often doubled and sometimes tripled >>..

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Website migration for Magento to WooCommerce is not a small task but worth it! K+M Shooting was in a position to either upgrade to Magento 2 or migrate to a new web design. Magento can be an incredibly expensive solution and requires development and a lot of customization that truly marries you to your design. >>..

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Our Latest Project

Website Migration Magento to Woocommerce

Magento Store Website Migration to WordPress/Woocommerce

  • Migrated over 500 product variations, 7000 customers and 20,000 orders.
  • Set up A/B Testing and tracking pixels to allow the web design to optimize and adapt itself to the most lucrative design.
  • All facets of design are oriented toward K+M to embolden a branding strategy.
  • yourbizGo focuses on designs that pay you rather than just designs that look good which is why our sites perform so well!


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