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1 Adventure Company

  • SEO services & Local SEO services to increase ranking for over 10 keywords to the top 3 within 60 days.
  • Implemented SEO services to rank on new search terms in 3 other categories to increase market share in 2020.
  • New ad campaigns that doubled and sometimes tripled former social media marketing efforts.
  • Implementation of a new eCommerce strategy.

About the Author Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is the founder of yourbizGo>>. With over 20 years experience in business management, strategy, marketing & digital knowledge, he wanted to create a company that could help others grow their small and mid-size businesses leveraging opportunities in the digital world. He has a vast knowledge of navigating the business world through is own experience and struggles both personal and business. His passion is helping others avoid missteps and seeing significant strides in success! In a former life he was the creator and the Director of the Prison Education Initiative - one of the largest college programs operating in US prison systems. He also taught many college courses including: Management Information Systems, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Management & many computer courses. Kevin moonlights as a boat captain and enjoys spending his free time on Lake Michigan sailing. He lives near Grand Rapids, MI with his girls and a pug named Capone. They have a brand new addition, Lucia who was born in 2020.