Social Media Marketing

and Facebook Ads

The best way to target audiences who may be willing to buy but aren't currently looking for your products and services.

social media marketing

Social media marketing provides incredible data and power that can easily be tapped into at affordable rates. This is one area where any business has the ability to tap into a powerful resource and get big business results when done correctly.

Which social media platforms are the best?

While we tend to focus most social media marketing on Facebook Ads, there are other areas that maybe even more beneficial to mix or focus on for advertising or organic reach such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google My Business, Trip Advisor & many more.

After reviewing business solutions and marketing goals with you, we identify the best platforms and strategies for your business.

social media marketing

Facebook Ads

With social media and the right data research, you can spend your advertising budgets only on the most likely prospects. 

yourbizGo uses different tools to identify and refine your audience and ads to target and re-target the right people.

This will ultimately get you the best results. Over time, this process will continually improve to zero-in on your best buyers and make every future purchase a little easier.

The yourbizGo Advantage

We specialize in using organic methods when possible to get similar results as Facebook ads / other platform advertising. Mixing in organic reach saves you money on ad costs and allows us to use more of your advertising budget to directly benefit your customers while achieving higher outcomes. This saves you and your customers money and prevents advertising from simply going to Facebook or other social media platforms. For example, we use organic methods to grow your audience without ads and use the advertising budget you would've used on Facebook ads to encourage traffic and buying behavior from prospects.

Our strengths pointed toward Facebook Ads

yourbizGo uses simplicity, rapid implementation and A/B testing to identify the best ways to reach and get action out of your buyers in the fastest conversions possible. A/B testing is a method that tests two different web pages to see which one gets you better results. By repeating this over and over, you hyper-optimize to encourage exactly the goals you have determined.

Content and Reputation Management

It is vital to create posts and content on social media as well as monitor and manage it. We will work with you to identify goals to define the who, when, what and how often of management for social media. This includes review sites and reputation management. All of these are critical to maintain regularly. We help you identify the amount of time and resources needed to devote to these tasks.

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